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Our Commitment

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization

shall be:

  • to promote successful graduation or completion of a GED from HS;

  • to assist participants  in creating a post-high school career plan;

  • to provide financial aid and scholarship resources for post-high school education;

  • to provide life skills training;

  • to provide mentoring and accountability;

  • to provide participants with leadership opportunities;

  • to sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote empowerment and educational advancement;

  • to provide participants with volunteer opportunities within the local community

"Every Success Story is a Tale of Constant Adaption, Revision and Change"

- Richard Branson

Our Mission

Our Mission

The specific purpose of the Corporation is to assist Middle School and High School students with successful graduation and Post High School career planning to include life skills training and leadership development.


Our Vision

Our services are designed to give every kid a chance regardless of their own choices or reasons out of their control. We support, uplift, and encourage young people. Launching leaders, impacting what was to what can be is EMPOWERME2BE.

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